Final Pizza Oven Layout…. hopefully

Finally got the ground leveled and footers for the roof dug. It’s now time to set the forms for the oven foundation so I need to finalize the base design.
I struggled to come up with a way to do 45° angles with the block base of the oven. The only way I could do it left a seem where the blocks wouldn’t be tied together from one course to the next. I found some radiused block that I was able to make work but it made the base slightly smaller than I had hoped. This new design gives me about 6″ overhang all around. I think this will be okay because I’ll be using rebar in the hearth and the weight from the dome is now positioned almost directly on top of the walls.
Anybody have any thought on why this wont work?pizza oven

10 thoughts on “Final Pizza Oven Layout…. hopefully

  1. Awesome a good friend of mine built one at his place in Montana. I will try and figure out a way of linking you to him to see his step by step pics. Wont be long I’ll be wanting to pick your brain for lots of ideas!

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